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I'm Clark.


Most favorite picture.


101 more days ♥⚓
107 days still, till I can see David again. I miss him so much, but I’ve done 7 months already before, I know 3 months will fly by. But until then ill just keep missing him.. ❤⚓🇺🇸💙😘
My sailor & I ❤⚓ oh how I will miss him these next four months.
Oh Ryan, you so crazy 😉😘 #boyfriend #lovehim #ryanreynolds #perfect
I miss him soooo much. It’s like my other half is missing at times. I still love him just the same as I did when we first said it, but because of that I’ve chosen to put his happiness first. I hope he finds everything he wants in life
Lol we’re such a gorgeous couple 😬 #lol #boyfriend #lovehim @ginnjuicegian
He likes to model for me ;) @ginnjuicegian #foxy #boyfriend #lol  (Taken with Instagram at John Marshall High School)
October 3- Cuddle Buddy @ginnjuicegian :) #boyfriend <3 #cuddle #love #octoberphotoaday  (Taken with Instagram)

My boyfriend is the best part of me..

I never thought I could love someone else as much as I love him.

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