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I'm Clark.


30. October 2011

who is sweet and kind, who can hold my hand when I am scared or even when I am not. I want that guy who will hold me and call me his girl, espcially around his friends. I want someone who will play video games with me even though I might suck at them, and will take me bowling even though I can barley hold the ball. I want him to kiss me when I need someone, and when we go to the mall, i want him to sit outside the dressing room and not leave like all the other boyfriends do. I want somebody who makes me feel safe. I want him to look me in the eye when a better looking girl than me walks by. I want to be the one he calls at anytime of the day just because he misses me. I want someone who will hold me when I’m upset and finally I want a guy who can draw me cute little pictures. No matter how crappy they look. I just want him to always care and be protective of me. I want a guy who gets me, ya know? Who will understand when I need space and won’t get pissed about it. I want him to talk to me like I’m the only girl he will and could ever love, and I want him to love me that way too, ♥